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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions, we do asked a lot so we have made it easier for you

- Clothing that lets you move or simply a bathing suit.

- Bottoms you don't mind getting wet and/or dry quickly.

- Water sandals (most people go barefoot)

- Hat

- Sunscreen

- Sunglasses

- Lots of water, juices, and food.

- Zip-lock or dry bag to protect phone & valuables when on water.

- Though we provide all safety equipment, please feel free to bring your own lifejacket.

- We are operating at – “The Waterfront”. Your kayaks will be ready for you to launch.

- You can also take the kayaks to other locations, car tie-downs and other equipment will be provided at no extra cost.

- Gradually increasing water depth, apt for kayaking.

- No presence of crocodiles at The Waterfront, confirmed by locals and our personal experience.

- Good for fishing, you can catch many kinds of fishes and shrimp using our professional fishing rods.